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Absolute vs Relative URLs

// Relative URL
<img src="/images/suprise.png">
// Absolute URL
<img src="http://my-site.com/images/suprise.png">

If you want to reference a local resource on your server, always use relative URL over absolute URL: 1. relative URLs will be correctly resolved to absolute URLs; 2. absolute URLs are like hardcoding which makes it cumbersome if you were to migrate your server to a different domain (e.g. change of URL/protocol/port).

Resolutions of Relative URL

Suppose your server lives in the /var/www/my-site directory of the host machine.

Local Resource

Type 1


resolves to html /var/www/my-site/images/surprise.png

Type 2


resolves to html /var/www/my-site/path-to/page-that/I-am-currently-browsing/images/surprise.png

Scheme-less URLs


resolves to html http/https://external-site.com/images/surprisepng depending on the scheme used by the server who is serving the containing webpage.

Scheme-less URLs can avoid the attempts of sending request over HTTP while the containing webpage is being served over HTTPS.


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